Art To Change Perspective


Visual/studio Artists...

Dive into contemporary art history and theory over the course of their high school career.  They examine and critique their own work as well as the work of their peers.  They consider and respond to societal, cultural, economic, and/or political issues that inform and inspire art globally.  Gotham takes pride in the ways in which we acknowledge and celebrate the rich histories of the global art community through our partnerships with various museums and gallery spaces.  And we ask our students to consider what they have seen as they reflect upon and create work inspired by artists within the current landscape and across time.  Students are challenged to innovate as opposed to solely consuming and appreciating art.  PBATs in this area consist of the creation, contextualization and justification of artwork in various media.  Students collaboratively create exhibitions, share their inspirations, speak to the artistic process, and make connections to other works or across fields of study.