Gotham Supply List

ELA and Social Studies

Binder with Loose leaf or Spiral Notebook with at least 2 sections

Blue or Black Pens

Red pens

2 folders red and blue (one to be kept in class)

Merriam Webster Dictionary 

Living Environment, Environmental Science, Chemistry, AP PhySics 1

1 - 1" binder ( dedicated ONLY for science)

2 - dividers

3 - calculator 

4-Loose Leaf

AP Physics 1 requires an additional spiral or marble notebook


This applies to tenth grade, twelfth grade, and anyone taking my elective:

In class, your student will need

-something to write with

-something to write on

-a way to keep their notes together

Logan has preowned composition notebooks and gently used folders, along with a limited supply of other school materials. He does not have many pencils.

If your student wants or needs some of these recycled materials, please contact Logan.