Gotham's Core Values



Demonstrate a desire to make connections across content areas, ideas, people, communities and platforms for performance, artistry or means of engagement.  See the academic institution as a microcosm of the world we live in, and apply enduring understanding to novel challenges.



Understand that work and actions reflect who you are. Reject mediocrity and seek to improve not only your own output, but that of collaborative efforts.  Know that pride is a matter of self respect, respect for one's own intellect, respect for the communities in which one thrives and grows, and the communities in which one seeks to make change.



Know enough to understand that one must open one's eyes and keep them wide in order to discover, decode and document our world.  Approach problems and phenomena with a sense of wonder.  Ask questions. Value and seek justification and evidence. 




Take ownership of learning. Feel safe taking academic risks, and understand that strategic failure is part of a rigorous process toward developing an understanding.

Wiggins and McTighe define an understanding as, "a learner realization about the power of an idea. Understandings cannot be given; they have to be engineered so that learners see for themselves the power of an idea for making sense of things."



Know that you are a leader, even as a community member who allows others to model excellence while you define and shape your own vision of it. Take initiative to set and attain your goals.  Have the confidence to ask for support when needed, the tools to make informed decisions and the ability to take responsibility for your actions.  Reflect on those actions and their impact, resolve to continue the process of self-assessment and reflection as you productively struggle through, and triumph over new challenges.