Graduation Requirements


Gotham Academy is one of 38 schools in the state granted permission to graduate students using Performance Assessments (PBATs) instead of Regents Exams.

At all other schools in the state, students must earn 44 credits in the required subjects, and pass 5 Regents exams to earn a diploma. Students cannot get a diploma if they fail even one Regents exam. Students who fail a Regents exam can take the exam again. But they cannot get a diploma until they pass all five exams.

Graduation Requirements at Regents High Schools:

44 credits + 5 Regents Exams = Diploma

1. ELA Regents Exam (English Language Arts)

2. Math Regents Exam

3. Global History Regents Exam

4. American History Regents Exam

5. Science Regents (any of the different science tests)

Students at Gotham Academy and the other 38 schools that have the Regents waiver still have to earn 44 credits in the required subjects to graduate. But instead of taking and passing 5 Regents Exams, students at Gotham Academy must pass one ELA Regents Exam and complete five Performance-Based Assessment Tasks (PBATs)

Graduation Requirements at Gotham Academy and the 38 Schools with the Regents Waiver:

44 credits + ELA Regents Exam + 5 PBATs = Diploma


2. Social Studies PBAT

3. Math PBAT

4. Science PBAT

5. Art PBAT