Gotham Professional Arts Academy Values

"Being oppressed means the absence of choices"--Bell Hooks



Harriet Tubman

Ida B. Wells

Gotham community members:

Choose Peace

Nzinga was an African queen in the 17th century. Her power as a leader rose because of her ability to diffuse conflict and bring opposing groups together peacefully.

-don’t contribute to violence and tension; be an example/’upstander’

Choose Respect

Amina was a warrior queen in 16th century Africa who demanded respect for herself and her people.

-respect for creative product and voice

Choose Advocacy and Activism

Harriet Tubman escaped slavery in 1849 and devoted her life to freeing her people.

-acknowledge our own needs and get them met. Be willing to help others in need.

Choose Intellectual Curiosity

Ida B. Wells was a teacher and journalist in the early 1900’s who was involved in every single social justice movement of her time. She saw how societal issues of race, class and gender were interconnected and she fought for system wide changes.

-Choose to be an agent of social change