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Standards of Excellence

Connection - Connected students see the value in establishing positive relationships. They are able to connect what happens in school to the outside world and can access resources in the city to enrich this understanding.

Pride - Proud students understand that their work and actions reflect who they are. They reject mediocrity and always seek to improve. They are aware that respect for themselves, their school, and their community is essential to their success.

Independence - Independent students are leaders, not followers, and take initiative to set and attain their goals. They have the confidence to ask for help when needed, the tools to make informed decisions, and the ability to take responsibility for their actions.

Curiosity - Curious students engage in lifelong learning. They are always asking questions, and they have the tools to find answers and the courage to continue asking why.

Passion - Passionate students embrace opportunities to pursue their interests. They are empowered to resist apathy and aim for the sky.