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In May 2015, Gotham Academy became a Community Learning School (CLS) in partnership with the United Federation of Teachers. A CLS identifies school and community needs and leverages a wide variety of resources and services to meet those needs.

Each CLS reflects the members and needs of its school and community. Because every school community is different, each CLS is unique. Every CLS:

  • 1. Hires a Resource Coordinator to manage ongoing CLS development;

  • 2. Forms an Advisory Board composed of parents, school staff, community members and local businesses and institutions;

  • 3. Meets monthly with other school teams for professional learning;

  • 4. Conducts a needs assessment and implements a mix of programs and services that align with serving those needs through providers that are community-based, public or private organizations

For more info, please contact:
Allison Brown
Community School Director 
(646) 712-0424
or abrown@uft.org